Book Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, DVD & iPad App Reviews (scroll down!) Due to life getting in the way of things, I'm behind in some of my book reviews. If you see your book listed, it means I've received it, and it is in the cue!
My Reading Pile!

DVD Reviews

  1. Band of Brothers
  2. Borgen - Denmark Politics. Excellent!
  3. Broadchurch – amazing!
  5. Endeavour (TV Series 2012)
  6. Foyle's War
  7. Inspector George Gently(TV Series 2007)
  8. Inspector Lewis (2006–2015)
  9. Inspector Morse (1987–2000)
  10. Midsomer Murders(TV Series 1997)
  11.  People of a Feather, Belcher Isl., Hudson Bay
  12. The Newsroom - fabulous!
  13. Vera - wonderful UK mystery

Restaurant Reviews

  1. Almonte Barley Mow – May 9, 2015
  2. Bistro 54 Italiano Perth – Jan. 2011
  3. Café Postino Almonte – 2011
  4. East Meets West – Perth - 2015
  5. Georgian House – Alexandria, June 18th, 2016
  6. Heirloom Restaurant Almonte – Jan. 2015
  7. Mexicali Rosa –July 29, 2015 Also, Oct. 2010
  8. The Cove - Westport – many visits!
  9. The Shipwreck - Rideau Ferry – Oct. 2010
  10. The Waterfront - Napanee – May 2015
  11. Wildfire BBQ and Smokehouse – Perth, 2015
  12. Zolas – Ottawa - May 13, 2015
  13. Zola's Oct. 2016

iPad Apps

  1. Never Alone –Inuit game PC, so far
  2. Brushstroke –drawing
  3. ToonCamera –photoshop idea
  4. Doodle Buddy –drawing
  5. PhotoBooth –photoshop idea
  6. Dragon Naturally Speaking –speech-to-text, text-to-speech
  7. Spirits of Spring –Josie and I like it! 
Here are the books I have reviewed for fun. Some have been sent by publicists, others I have bought or borrowed. I've read all of them. 

Readers may be divided into four classes: 

A. Sponges, who absorb all that they read and return it in nearly the same state, only a little dirtied. 
B. Sand-glasses, who retain nothing and are content to get through a book for the sake of getting through the time. 
C. Strain-bags, who retain merely the dregs of what they read. 
D. Mogul diamonds, equally rare and valuable, who profit by what they read, and enable others to profit by it also. 

      ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet, critic (1772-1834) 

 denotes a Canadian book!
  1. Aaron, Richard; Gauntlet 
  2. Alexander, Eva M.; Condos and Condoms (short stories)
  3. Almond, Paul; The Gunner 
  4. Alt, Jeff; The Adventures of Bubba Jones
  5. Alton and Craan; My handy little health journal
  6. Arden, John: The Brain Bible
  7. Arneson,  Rick; Plotting the Course; Life lessons from the sport of sailing
  8. Ashby, Kathy; Carol, A Woman's Way 
  9. August, Y.; Coaching For Caregivers
  10. Barr, Nevada; 13½, Blood Lure
  11. Bartleman, James; As Long as the Rivers FlowRaisin Wine
  12. Blachman and Stracher; The Curve
  13. Blatchford, Christie; Fifteen Days
  14. Bradbury and Karney; Love Me Slender
  15. Brown, Ron; Vanished Villages Part 1, Post 2  (Non-fiction)
  16. Brown, Ron; Backroads of Ontario (Non-fiction) 
  17. Carey, Pamela: Elderly Parents With All Their Marbles
  18. Carpenter, J.: No Place to Pray
  19. Carucci, M.; Sobrietease
  20. Charters, Cloudia; Aloha: Where You Like Go?
  21. Cho & Gifford; The Anxious Lawyer (self-help)
  22. Clevenger, S; Greek Mythic History
  23. Cobelo, Carolyn E.; Bridge to Beyond
  24. Conway, Martha; Sugarland
  25. Cook books: gluten-free, paleo,  from Robert Rose, Inc. 
  26. Cotton, Larry D; Whiskey and Wickedness
  27. Cuellar, David; Plastic Island (picture book)
  28. Currie, T. Ottawa Valley's Great Fire of 1870
  29. Cusumano, J.; Balance
  30. Davidson, Dr. Elizabeth; Cheery: the Chiricahua leopard frog (Children's picture book)
  31. Daywalt, Drew; The Day the Crayons Quit
  32. De Avila, Ed., Spread Thin and Moving Fast: An unlikely story (memoir)
  33. De Hart, Scott D.; Shelley Unbound: Uncovering Frankenstein's True Creator
  34. De Santis, Cinazi; The Sense of Darkness
  35. DeLapa, Gina; stuff you already know
  36. Dennis; Anita Katherine; Beyond Myself
  37. Dickinson, Emily: the Illustrated Emily Dickinson Nature Sketchbook
  38. Doering, Ron; The Battle of Crysler's Farm
  39. Dougherty, M.J.; Life Lessons From a Total Failure
  40. Dr. Seuss; You're Only Old Once
  41. Dunn, David A.; Get Life Right
  42. Epp, Alvin; Through The Eyes of Guilt
  43. Espy, W.R.; Words to Rhyme With (Non-fiction)
  44. Estes, Kelli; The Girl Who Wrote in Silk
  45. Even, Aaron; He Comes in Fire
  46. Fallis, Terry; The Best Laid Plans -comedy
  47. Fields, Mara; Weaver's Light
  48. FitzSimmons, David; Curious Critters, Salamander Dance
  49. Flynn, Gillian; Gone Girl
  50. Forrest, Deborah: Touch the Spirit: Connecting to the world of dementia (non-fiction)
  51. Freed, Dennis; Love, Loss and Awakening
  52. Freeman and Parks; All-Electric America
  53. Gaber, Stanley; Jex Malone
  54. Garner, L.G.; The Golden Princess
  55. Gawande, Atul: Being Mortal 
  56. Genova, Lisa; Left Neglected, Still Alice
  57. George, Elizabeth; In the Presence of the EnemyDeception On His Mind
  58. Graham, Heather; Death Dealer, Unhallowed Ground
  59. Gray & Ardagh; Conscious Men
  60. Green, Lyndsay; A Perfect Home for a Long Life
  61. Greenblatt, Mark Lee; Valor: Unsung heroes from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the home front
  62. Griffin, Lynne; Sea Escape
  63. Griffith, Victoria; Amazon Burning
  64. Grippando, James; The Penny Jumper
  65. Habib, N. & M.N.; History of the Muslims of Regina, Saskatchewan, and Their Organizations
  66. Hardee, J.L., Justice or Injustice: What really happens in a jury room (Memoire)
  67. Hayden, John; Godfit
  68. Hemphill, R.F.; dust tea, dingoes, dragons (Memoire)
  69. Heston, F.C., & McAdams, H. J.; Desolation Sound 
  70. Hiebert, Michael; Close to the Broken-Hearted
  71. Hill-Lehr, Andrea; A Mother's Road to Kandahar
  72. Hoogstraten: The Debaters
  73. Horeck, Brian; Frozen Beneath 
  74. Hospital for Sick Children: The A to Z of Children's Health  
  75. Ivey, Donna; Clinic of Hope: The story of Rene M. Caisse and Essiac
  76. Izso, Jay; got social mediology?
  77. Jauvin, Chantal; The Boy with a Bamboo Heart: The story of a street orphan who built a children's charity
  78. Jenner, Reid: Diagnose Yourself
  79. Johnson, George: The Cancer Chronicles
  80. Johnson, Spencer; Who Moved My Cheese? (Non-fiction)
  81. Jones, Marjorie G.; The Life and Times of Mary Vaux Walcott
  82. Jones, Robin and Robert; The Refugee Crisis: Through the Eyes of the Children
  83. Jucha, S. H.; The Silver Ships
  84. Kamm, Kurt; Tunnel Visions
  85. Kendell, Laura J.; A Simple Case of Suicide
  86. Kennedy, Dr. John; The Heart Health Bible
  87. Kelsey, E.; You Are Stardust, Not Your Typical Book
  88. Kerr, Leslie; Harriet Quimby
  89. Keyser, Judith Redwing; Last Acts of Kindness (Non-fiction)
  90. King, Samantha; Pink Ribbon, Inc. (Non-fiction)
  91. Krich, Rochelle; Dead Air
  92. Kumar, Sameet M.; The Mindfulness of Grief (Also Medicalisation of Grief: DSM-IV)
  93. Kuritz, Marc; Man With Child
  94. Kushner, Harold; When Bad Things Happen to Good People, Conquering Fear
  95. Lackberg, Camilla; The Gallows Bird
  96. Lafaye, Vanessa; Under a Dark Summer Sky
  97. Laferrière, Dany, The World is Moving Around Me: A Memoire of the Haiti Earthquake (Memoir) 
  98. Leinvebers, V; No TIme To Cry
  99. Lemmon, G. T.; The Dressmaker of Khair Khan
  100. Levin, Joel M.; Our Beguine (Memoir)
  101. Lundin, S.C. et al; FISH!
  102. Lynch, Wayne; Owls of the US and Canada
  103. Mackie & Taylor; The Cottage Bible 
  104. Mankell, Jenning; Faceless Killers
  105. Manning, Diane Daniels; Almost Perfect
  106. Maron, Margaret; The Bootlegger's Daughter
  107. McGee, Robin; The Cancer Olympics
  108. McKee, David M; Bala Boy
  109. McKee, Thomas. W; The Top Seven Reasons Volunteers Quit, The New Breed (Non-fiction)
  110. McNally, B.; Unbridled
  111. Martin, Mish Mockovic; Insights of a Yogi (autobiography)
  112. Mebane, Donna; Tomorrow Comes
  113. mhic Aonghais, Clinton; The Baker Boys -700 pages, haven't gotten to it!
  114. Miralia, Mindy; The Hero in Heroin (autobiography)
  115. Morelli, Laura; The Gondola Maker
  116. Morgan & Smith; Advanced Genealogy (self-help
  117. Moroney, Shannon; Through The Glass (Autobiography)
  118. Mowery, J. Nichols; The Parallel Lives of Elizabeth Ann
  119. Musleh, Mitri I.; The Making of a Palestinian Suicide Bomber 
  120. Neice, Rick, The Band Plays On: Going home for a music man's encore (memoire)
  121. Nelson, Craig; The Age of Radiance
  122. Nichols, N.; Broken Promises (autobiography)
  123. Nickerson, Cash; BOOMERangs; Engaging the Aging Workforce in America
  124. Noah, Jim; Country Store
  125. Obama, Barack; The Audacity of Hope
  126. Orloff, Judith; The Ecstacy of Surrender
  127. Parker, David; The More You Do The Better You Feel (self-help)
  128. Parker, Morgan; 1986
  129. Pastor, Marc; Barcelona Shadows
  130. Picoult, Jodi; House Rules, The Tenth Circle, Plain Truth, Picture Perfect
  131. Piggott, Mark; The Dark Tides
  132. Pinzone, J.J.: Fireballs in my Eucharist: Fight Cancer Smarter 
  133. Polster, E; Beyond Therapy
  134. Potter, Cheryl: The Broken Circle, Secrets of the Lost Caves
  135. Power, G. A.; Dementia Beyond Disease
  136. Prattis; Trailing Sky Six Feathers , also New Planet, New World 
  137. Putzel, Michael; The Price They Paid
  138. Revere, Glenn; All About Carpets
  139. Richards, Jass; Turblojetslams
  140. Riley, Laura; Tell Me of Brave Women
  141. Roe, Carolyn or Sale, Medora; Murder in a Good Cause
  142. Rue, Nancy; Tristan's Gap
  143. Roland, Bridget; the Doula
  144. Rosen, Lynn; A Man of Genius
  145. Rutherford, Edward; The Forest
  146. Saturday Even Post Magazine 1963 Kennedy Edition
  147. Schiller, E.; Watermark
  148. Schopick, J.: Honest Medicine
  149. Scholz & Church; The Masterpiece Within (Non-fiction)
  150. Schwägerl, Christian; The Anthropocene  (Non-fiction)
  151. Schwartz, Leslie; Angels Crest
  152. Seuss, Dr.; You're only old once!
  153. Shelly, Derek; Dying to Live
  154. Shem, Samuel; The Spirit of the Place
  155. Siegel, Alex; First Circle Club
  156. Signorile, M. A.; The Wartime Chronicles 
  157. Slatton, Traci L; Fallen,   Cold Light
  158. Smiley, Cat; the planet friendly diet 
  159. Sperazza, Diana; My Townie Heart
  160. Stewart, Roderick; The Mind of Norman Bethune 
  161. Sutton; The Power of Legacy (Non-fiction)
  162. Tartt, Donna; The Goldfinch
  163. Thayer, R.S.; Kobee Manatee
  164. Traill, Catherine Parr; Lost in the Backwoods
  165. Transgender Lee; Woman Incognito
  166. Treitler; My Dad is an Alcoholic: What About Me? (autobiography)
  167. Trudeau, Kris; TimeShift 
  168. Vallée, Brian; The War On Women 
  169. Vinter, M.; Collette
  170. Voss, Donna Carol; One of Everything
  171. Wallach, Dr. J.D. ; Epigenetics; The death of the genetic theory of disease transmission (Non-fiction)
  172. Warrington, Freda; Midsummer Night
  173. Wathanavongs and Jauvin; The Boy With the Bamboo Heart
  174. Welch, D.Y.; The Life and Times of Lilian J. Rice
  175. White, Kate; If Looks Could Kill 
  176. Williams and White:  Act III (Non-fiction)
  177. Wilson, Daniel H.; Robopocalypse
  178. Wilson, P.D.; The Caregiving Trap (Non-fiction)
  179. Wold, Richard; Stan
  180. Wright, Robert; Our Man in Tehran (Non-fiction)
  181. Wyler, Allen;  Deadly Errors
  182. Young, David; Channelling Harrison (biography)
  183. Yow, David; Copycat

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