Monday, 11 May 2009

Pink Ribbon, Inc

Cancer is a big issue for me. Especially around May. Still a hard w/e for me, Mother's Day, as I lost my mother as well as my palliative care client this w/e. Very weird coincidence. My mother died of cancer, my dad a brain tumour. That said, the Cancer Society continues to be the best place to find information, volunteer drivers, peer support and people who understand.

To that end, I wanted to write a review about this excellent book, Pink Ribbon, Inc.

The editor's review reads in part:
"Highly revelatory—at times shocking—Pink Ribbons, Inc. challenges the commercialization of the breast cancer movement, its place in U.S. culture, and its influence on ideas of good citizenship, responsible consumption, and generosity. "
The author, Samantha King, is an associate professor of physical and health education and women’s studies at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario. It is well-written, and an interesting read. It is, indeed, shocking, the amount of money sunk into 'research', with no promises of support or delivery of programs.

I would caution you in entering the 'race for the cure'. There are questions as to how much money goes to cures, how much should go to supporting those with cancer (the Cancer Society provides a range of services, for example: a lodge in which to stay, peer support, volunteer drivers, etc.). The marketing of cancer, and the buy-ins as business uses cancer as a gimmick to involve those who have a cancer survivor in their family or have lost a loved one to cancer.

You ought to read Pink Ribbon, Inc first. Excellent book that talks about how they rook people in, charge exorbitant fees to participants, and neglect prevention, rather than cures.

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Liza said...

Hi Jenn! Thanks for sharing this. Last month, we lost my aunt-in-law because of breast cancer. It was though, though she had a short battle with it. It was already too late when we knew about it.