Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Book Review - Margaret Maron

I love reading. Now that I no longer have to read to keep up with current pedagogical practices I am revisiting some old and finding some new authors.

This author, Margaret Maron, I latched onto after finding The Bootlegger's Daughter (1993). Actually, I mispoke, I thought Winter's Child the last, began reading it and realized I was missing something since it was published in 2007. Then I found out that Hard Row is the 2008 novel! As I recall, the books are listed in chronological order, which really threw me, as this is not usual practice.

This first book (1993) is the novel that introduces our hero, an attorney in this,
The Deborah Knott Series. I like reading about strong women, and the novel tracks her progress as she moves from lawyer to judge. It illustrates the American practice of elected judges, who must run for office. They must not only do a good job, but be seen doing a good job! They have to fund raise and not piss off the electorate. Not an easy task. The author has found a great hero who manages to balance life, love and work. Not something I did well in my child rearing days, but worth reading about in this day and age! Thank goodness women no longer have to quit their jobs, as they did only 30 years ago once pregnant with no child care options and no maternity leave, with rights to return to work.

I like seeing the development of character, as well as plot within the series. I made the mistake of beginning that last novel first and quickly returned to the library to read them in order. It is important.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

I love this series too. She's a terrific writer.

Kathy Holmes said...

Sounds fascinating. This is such a fun book review club - get to discover so many books, writers, and bloggers I just wouldn't know about.

Keri Mikulski said...

Thanks for opening my eyes to this one.

Barrie said...

Good to know these should be read in order. Thanks for joining in, Jenn!

Sarah Laurence said...

This isn’t a series I’d heard of before. Thanks for the introduction. Strong women protagonists are always a plus.