Monday, 6 July 2009

Book Review: Bala Boy

Often, the most difficult books to read are those written by men who hanker back to their past. Also, men who eschew an editor as they are self-publishing.
We can learn from others' mistakes!

The Band Plays On was such a book, as well. I just didn't see the humour in it!

This book was so tough!
On the first page I counted up over a dozen errors. THE FIRST PAGE!

I met the man at the Bala Market, where he was flogging his book. He'd also put an ad in the Globe & Mail. It is terribly difficult to get media attention when you self-publish. I guess he had some money to spend! We traded books.

I really didn't want to read about childish antics of a little boy. I raised two boys, I didn't feel the need to read about a boy's myopic childhood, in a book full of spelling and grammatical errors! He and I traded books at the Bala market. It was shocking how bad it was! I couldn't finish it. It didn't bring me into the story. Musings are best left for a blog, not in publication!
Here is an excerpt online.

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