Papa Barred owl
I've photographed both our male and female
resident Barred owls all of 2016. I thought I would amalgamate all the posts into one to get a perspective of the timelines.


Jan. 22nd – BLue jays clued me in. Photos and video!
Jan. 24th – Near the nest, blue jays alerted me again.
Feb. 24th – Found an owl pellet under his favourite tree!
Mar. 29th – Pooped under his tree in the night.
April 3rd – Another two mutes and a pellet!
April 10th – Another nocturnal vist, fishy pellet.
April 20th –13:30 Full song. No sign.


January 23 – Owl after a mouse in the snow
April 19th – they were calling in the day.
April 22nd  – they were calling at 4:00 a.m.
May 6th  – On a branch in the yard(plus info)
Friday, May 13th –  He and his mate were calling to one another.
May 17  – Out looking for the owl nest... I found a young male bear.
May 22  – Female barred owl emerges (a hot day!)
Momma outside nesting cavity
May 24  – Male bathing and grooming (see videos below).
May 25 –  Female farther away, hoots in the night.
May 29 –  Female panting outside nest in afternoon.
May 30th –  An owl and a bear
May 31  – Heard raccoon at a tree. Both owls went after it.
June 1st  – Momma on guard at the nest
June 2nd  – Around 4:30 p.m. Papa called in the forest. Momma answered from near the nest. I imagine chickie had branched, but the bugs were bad and I did not visit.
June 3rd  – Visited at 6:30 a.m., the chick had branched for sure.
June 4th  – Around 2:00 a.m., I heard the tenor/bass  notes of momma and papa's song, then the soprano of the chick. Later, 4:00 a.m., chick mourning the end of the night, asking for more food.
June 5th – An afternoon jaunt, Momma plucked a mouse from the forest floor.
Happy family!
June 7th  – I saw momma 100m+ away from the nest, in the backyard, she flew into the wetland
June 8th – Momma could be heard in the backyard at 6:00 a.m.
June 11 – I heard Momma murping around the frog pond.
June 12 – Hubby heard Momma murping in meadow.
June 13 – Bedtime: heard Momma 'Whooooo", chick responded.
June 14 – Went out at 6:30 to see and spotted Momma and TWO chicks! Heard her call 'Who-cooks-for-you-allllll' after dinner. Heard the male in the forest at night. What a surprise: June 14th I found out there are TWO chicks!
June 15th – Momma flew by as I watered the veggie garden.
June 24th – 9 p.m., another sighting of momma, I could hear the chicks!
Oct. 6th – Looked like a chick hunting, harassed by blue jays! I hadn't seen any for months.
Dec. 23rd – One out hunting in the afternoon sun (video).


September 10, 2012 – I heard Hooting owls in the night
Jan., 2013 – Found killed on the road

Owl chick feather
Found on the back deck!

Now, months later they are gone elsewhere, hunting for food. They must have eaten a lot of mice over the summer. I was amazed how they stayed around our immediate forest, and around the frog pond, until the chicks were able to fly well. Daisy and I have done walkies looking for them, but they are nowhere to be found. This is good, as they must have decimated the mouse population around here.

I reported my sightings to Bird Studies Canada. It's an easy form, and good to contribute to citizen science.
I have 13 videos of the barred owls this year!
This video got the most attention. Papa owl bathing in the wetland. Later, he is grooming.
Owl bathing from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

What a gift, watching our Barred owl having a bath in the wetland. He knew I was there, I've been watching him for more than a month. In the background you can hear the rose-breasted grosbeak, blue jay, grey tree frog, etc.! Just before he went for a swim, a chickadee was trying to talking him into taking off. I thought I heard the owl chick, but I'm not sure. The siren at about 2:00 startled him. He sat a long time grooming.
Momma owl fell asleep on the branch. Before she did so, you could hear her 'solicitation call', when she was checking in with the chicks.

Momma owl on branch from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

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