2014 160
2015 84
2016 15
2017 127.5
2018 96

What a month! It was -3 last night.
Tiny hail:  graupel in Newfoundland. (Soft hail or snow pellets, too small to be called hail.)

April 16th – still a mess

Some of us have empathy for one another. Others, like my MPP, do not. He brags, stealing a photo of a tree down, with a power line under it.

April 15th – It is a mess.  

April 14 – 15 cm just snow!

April 13 – lots of rain, a bit of snow.

April 12th – 9mm

April 6th

We had 2 cm snow yesterday, but it melted.

April 5th – a horrible -10 C. this morning.

Still many without power across southern Ontario.

April 4th – 24 mm of snow, hail, ice pellets and lots of rain!

Multiple, multiple vehicle accidents southbound 400 at Bayfield in Barrie. Gonna be a long backup. #stillwinter #DriveSafe pic.twitter.com/J84tkO5PXv
— Bala Garden Centre (@BalaGardenCntr) April 4, 2018

By the afternoon, more snow, more wind.
And more wind... at 6:00 p.m. 100,000 without power.

Flights delayed or cancelled.

Wicked winds, after the precipitation. Lots with power out. HydroOne says 50000 without power at noon.

April 3rd

Lightning Maps shows much lightning to the south east.

April 2nd

April 1st

The cats aren't too happy with our overnight -0 temperatures! No joke!

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Nancy J said...

You are getting real winter weather, stay safe on those icy paths.