Mar. 21 – Rain here, snow to the north

This is bizarre... The sun came out, we had 0.02" today.

There was fog in southwestern Ontario, and a fatal crash.

Here, we had a titch of rain, even though they forecast snow on The Weather Network! Accuweather had it right.

Mar. 20 

Mar. 18 – A lovely few days! 

Something is on the way, though. Just a skiff.

Mar. 15 – Snowmageddon!

We had 15 cm, with drifts up to 35 cm.
Horrific incidents across the region. A truck carrying chemicals crashed. There were 30 vehicles.
From Frontenac Paramedics:
Correct info re: paramedics decontaminated last night: 3 Frontenac paramedics, 4 Leeds & Grenville paramedics,1 off-duty Ottawa paramedic

Snowfall update:
  • 16 cm at Ottawa Airport since yesterday.  
  • Kemptville 18 cm 
  • Brockville 15 cm 
  • Cornwall 20 cm 
  •  Alexandria 30-35 cm

Mar. 14 –Snow began around 3:00 a.m.!

The snow plows, on Track My Plow, are working hard!

Mar. 13 – On its way!

Major warnings, of course on a Tuesday. My blog friend, in Iowa, has had 8.8" of snow (~22 cm). You can see the N.A. satellite images!

From NASA!

Mar. 12th – Another warning for a Tuesday!

Mar. 11th –The winds went to the east! 

Mar. 8th – winds, power outages, rain or snow

Mar. 7th – Freezing rain, then rain: 12.5mm

Through the eyes of various models! Busses cancelled. 

Mar. 4th – back to the deeper deep freeze!

Mar. 7th – What a mess!

Must be Tuesday, busses are cancelled.

Mar. 3rd – Back to the deep freeze

It was sweatshirt weather the first day of March!

Mar. 1st – What a dummy I am!

I knew it was going to rain. Hubby, being a weather fiend knew, and yet I didn't get the rain gauge out until this morning! SIGH. It was raining in the early hours. Needless to say, it was heavy rain!

In the US, there were 21 tornadoes. In Ottawa, IL, a tree fell on one victim. So sad.

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