April totals

I began tracking in May, 2013, after the 2012 drought. In 2014, we had flooding, as well. Late snow
on the crocus. This year we've had a goodly amount.

2017   120 mm
2016   15 cm snow
2015   84 mm
2014    160 mm
2013   84 mm

April 26 – Thunder Bay had some ice rain!

April 25 – rainy: 3mm

April 24 - Sunny day!

April 23 –flooding in Ontario

April 21

More clouds!

April 20 – 8 mm!

April 19 - storms brewed up 7mm!

April 16th  Rain fell: 3.8mm

It came in two waves, more or less. 

April 15th – Rain approacheth: 9.7 mm

April 11th – Lots of cloud, little rain 1.8 mm

April 6th – 40+ mm rain, local flooding, with a topping of snow!

I melted the snowfall, only 2.3 mm of liquid.

We've had 74 mm over a few days. This was from the Texas tornado system moving our way.

There were winds, and the resulting power outages. There is flooding across low-lying areas, too.

April 5th 

April 4th – AND, RAIN! We had 28.7 mm (~1+")

April 3rd – something's on its way!

April 1st

A bit of an April Fool's Day joke!
Eventually it all turned to snow fall, after a time. I measured the snow, but since so much melted, I used the rain gauge and we had 14mm of precipitation fall, over about 6 cm snow.

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