Sunday, 18 March 2018

March Break – episode 4

March 17th

Josephine began the day by finishing up her Lego store. She'd finished the creature the previous night.
Once Josee emerged from her sleep, there was a ceremony. It ended with a poem by Grampa.

Be gosh and Begorrah
It's already tomorrow
So sing to be happy
This story not sappy
The day is not feared
 Nor shed we a tear
For what do we hear
The wee folk been here
In the kitchen he wrote
Are items of note
Three to girl
So be off in awhirl

This was a clue. There were notes on the cupboards.

Momma arrived in the afternoon, and there was another cryptic clue to find the video. Grampa didn't watch, it was his nap time.

We watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)! It was very exciting, enhanced by our lego.

Rey and BB–8, the droid
the evil Kylo Ren and a knitted ewok
It's been a great week!
March Break with the grandies – episode 3
March Break with the grandies- episode 2
March Break with the Grandies!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

March Break with the grandies – episode 3

Friday, March 16th

Iz had the leftover pancake for breakfast. Then, she didn't know what to do. A craft! No, two.
solar panel and roof

"Do you want me to read you a story?"
"No, I'm too old for that." Isabelle, age 7, nearly 8!
I wrote this book about our Nov. trip!
They've been feeding the fish with the mealworms. I bought large tweezers, meant for feeding lizards! The mealworms we buy at the pet store.

They've been sleeping in the basement, in tents made with sheets.
Isabelle's favourite bedtime books are Sir Cumference. They are excellent math books. I used to read them before math lessons.

They played school in the morning - for 2 hours!
Math – Jos taught Isabelle how to use Roman Numerals. She's a pretty good teacher, too.
Music and Art. Jos plays piano, Isabelle, the ukulele. 

Jos took 120 photos of cats, etc.

In the meantime, Grampa took Isabelle into town to shop. Isabelle explained that sometimes Momma helps her pick out the correct pieces in order, to help her out. 

We watched Star Wars VI. That finishes the Star Wars Trilogy, for us! Grampa rented another movie for today. Momma is coming for a sleepover, then they head for home.


We're still writing our book on Darth Vader.

Poor Isabelle has a cough. I put on the vaporizer, and I soaked her robe, and the carpet! They had to move and rebuild her tent.

Bedtime was another Gramma story. This time, Nebuchadnezzar flew Caitlin from her house, to the soccer field. This is a long, long tradition! I commissioned an artist on-line to create Neb for us. Josephine was very specific about how Neb, the magic flying horse, looked. Another full day!

Friday, 16 March 2018

March Break with the grandies- episode 2


As usual, Izzy was first up. We watched a few morning cartoons. Grampa made an offer we couldn't refuse: pancakes from Penny's for the girls, and a kitchen sink for me! It is really busy in the mornings.

I asked them to get dressed before breakfast. I said that it would be respectful to grampa, who was in town fetching brekkie, to be ready and dressed when he arrived back home.
Isabelle headed downstairs. I called to Izzy, "Let's get dressed, sister!"
"I'm not your sister!"
"It's just an expression!"
"I know!"

We rebuilt the tents. Pit stop. Then... da, da, da, dunnnnn.
Outside to make the Death Star. That fell through. Instead, a snow clown and a devil/angel.
It was hard work!

Basement play: re-re-rebuilding the tent/beds.

Light lunch

Story rewrite: we're working on a story book about Darth Vader. Josee took this photo in the brief period we had some sun. We are creating it online with their new Star Wars Lego. Two more days to go! We've had a bit of snow over the last few days.

 After some hard work on our story, we took a break: playing school in the basement. Ironic.

Then it was movie time: Star Wars V!


Chicken thighs and veggies. Then, teeth and jammies.
Jos asked for the camera in order to take photos of the deer outside the basement window.

Bedtime story! 

They haven't asked for Gramma stories all week, I was tickled when they asked for one. I did a version of Nebuchadnezzar, flying them to visit Gramma and Grampa after their big trip, planned for the summer.

At bedtime, they settled in. Then, Daisy noticed we had a friend out front. I brought Josee up to see it. Later, there were 4 of them.

Izzy has a cough. We put on the humidifier under her bed tent.

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