Monday, 31 August 2015

The last dog days of summer

Of course, they involve cats, birds, convertible cars and people!

Annabelle has had her belly shaved, since she was full of burrs. It went well, truthfully.

We stopped for a drink beside the Tay River and Stewart Park, where a couple seemed to be preparing for wedding photos!

This little girl was fascinated with patrons, and the patrons were fascinated with her!

We drove by Millar Brooke Farm, and the trailer was coming in. Millar's statue sits in Stewart Park.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

"Not in my lifetime, son, but maybe in yours!" Stephen Lewis speech Aug. 24th

We are in the beginning of a 77-day Federal Election #42 in Canada. I think it matters not what you believe, but that you read, learn and become involved.

"Not in my lifetime, son, but maybe in yours!" –David Lewis to Stephen Lewis

 I am stirred. It was a wonderful speech, from a highly respected man. He's 77 years old and says he's waited 75 years for this day, from licking stamps at age 2 in his family home! This is the gist of it.

There are many reason why the Conservatives should not  and will not be elected. 

The meaning of the Duffy trial. 

 The senate is dead, the death rattles are of no consequence. What is of consequence is  is what has been revealed, and that is the antithesis of democracy, an obsessive authoritarian need to control.

"Egotism and narcissism are not the twin pillars of democratic governance."

The concentration of power in the Prime Minister's office distorts the running of parliament, distorts the power of question period, distorts checks and balances, distorts the views of civil servants, and engenders in the public a deep and abiding cynicism.
Fear is not a policy. Fear is not an election platform. Fear is the last refuge of those for whom terrorism is a political device and civil liberties be damned. To use fear as a path to power engenders a deep an abiding cynicism.

The meaning of economic management

Despite their protestations, the Conservatives are second rate economic managers.
Stephen Harper can pretend otherwise, but the pretence is mythology. And leans on endless complaints about global difficulties.
  • we're in a recessionary quagmire, with negligible economic growth.
  • We have continuing and unacceptable levels of unemployment -persistently above 6%.
  • We've gutted the manufacturing sector and 
  • we've placed all of our expectations in a resource extraction economy, which is untenable with the collapse of oil prices
  • and the staggering decline in economic management.
Good government plans ahead of time for the needs of the present and the needs of the future.
 These aren't economic managers; these are economic poseurs.

And there is every reasons to believe that the Canadian public is on to them.
There are infinite numbers of reasons to defeat the Tories.
There are infinite numbers of reasons to elect the NDP.
  1. Restoration of Parliament. We appreciate civilised debate. When there is respect. We've lost civility in the House of Commons. Democratic norms are observed and committees can function. Yes: omnibus encyclopedic sorcery! Restore parliamentary dignity and reform.
  2. The reclaiming of Canada. The years of hard right Years of Conservative rule has hijacked the Canadian culture. At times the country feels unrecognisable. Stop the slide into militarism. Revive the right of dissent. and revive scientific opinion and influence. We can restore the cutbacks that have been applied destructively to so many entities from the CBC to hundreds of women's groups, initiate the Commission enquiry into missing aboriginal women. Frame a viable and persuasive policy on climate change. Rescue CIDA from the clutch of Foreign
    Affairs. Remove the cap on foreign aid. We can become  the thoughtful, moderate, liberal power that Canada once was, so that next time we run for the security council on the United Nations we will be overwhelmingly elected. It's a restorative agenda that is decent and humane. Principled and generous. It is an agenda that is inclusive and compassionate, rather than abrasive and contemptuous.
  3. The logic of straightforward policies. The electorate is warning to the major planks of our platform. Child care spaces for the working poor. Federal $15 minimum wage,  focus on infrastructure, emphasis one transportation and housing, revival the manufacturing sector, tax increases on large corporations. 
  4. Quite remarkable what Tom Mulcair has achieved. The mantle of integrity, regarded as the most vibrant and analytic mind, who can confront the PM on a daily basis. The most trusted of the leaders.
This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. The yearning for change is in the air and it is the NDP that is the embodiment of that change. Just imagine... You don't have to be a romantic to know that the quest for social justice is within reach. We can again be the envy of the world. 
We can fight for human rights, and against inequality, as an example to the world.

Thomas Mulcair in Perth, ON

Former diplomat Stephen Lewis, son of former New Democratic Party leader David Lewis, introduces NDP leader Thomas Mulcair at a campaign rally in Toronto, Ont., on August 24, 2015. In his speech, Mr. Mulcair announces a pledge to increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement program for seniors and says his party will reset the eligibility age for Old Age Security from 67 to 65-years old. In his answers to the media, he says he wants to focus on Canada’s manufacturing sector and to assist Canadian veterans.

"You showed a disdain for our veterans," says veteran grappling with

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fun at the pond

Peace and quiet on the dock. A dragonfly landed on my butterfly t-shirt!
A bullfrog seems to like my turtle basking platform.
Bambi has been trimming my hibiscus, but the law of doubling works. Plant double what you want. Works for the squirrels and bulbs, too!
The hibiscus are in bloom, as are the pink phlox - they smell heavenly.

Friday, 28 August 2015

The Waterfront Pub - a grand gesture from a stranger!

The Waterfront Pub Napanee
What an interesting day. Hubby needed some of his favourite face wash from The Body Shop. Now, we can do the 60-minute drive into Bayshore, an Ottawa mall (or Carlingwood Mall), but the parking is tough for him (I take photos). Instead, he said, let's go to Kingston's Cataraqui Mall!

Then, ever the trip advisor, he came up with a plan. After we get his goop, we would go to Napanee, to eat at The Waterfront Pub! We were there May 17th, and it was cool. I mean cold, it was great, though!

My ideal summer day is eating lunch beside water, al fresco! Hubby knows this. He's pretty cold, most of the time, and we've had some chilly outdoor lunches. He's awfully good to me! We hoofed it to the mall, picked up our suds, and wandered a bit. It was nice and quiet in the mall.
Our day trip!

Off to The Waterfront Pub! They have an amazing terrace, with individual patio tents, and a computer on the terrace, sending meal and drink orders into the pub itself. As we arrived, with self-seating in force, I spotted a woman just signing off on her check. We sort of hovered. The server came by, didn't like me hovering (aggressive vs. assertive?), and showed us a couple of tables for two, not beside the water. She would reseat us, if possible. I told her we'd just driven 120 km to eat there! She explained that another patron was waiting for our table. We sat elsewhere. The server came back. She said that the gentleman waiting for the table usually sits here with his dog. He saw how anxious I was to sit there, and he gave up the table for us!

We sat, ordered our drinks, and I ordered a drink for the gentleman in thanks. He is a popular man. I could see all of the servers know him, and were visiting him on the way by. He nodded thanks, lifted his glass, and he sipped his white wine!

We were waiting for our meals, and he came over with his dog, Spencer. Spencer is 11 years old, and they usually sit there on the end, but where they were sitting, there weren't any other patrons and he was fine. He knew I was keen on the table beside the water. He thanked us for the drink, and we chatted for a bit. I didn't get a photo of Spencer, who is feeling his age (aren't we all, I said!) and we chatted some more. He told us about driving home through Godfrey, as they've set some elk there, to increase the population. In January, when all is frozen, we will remember these lovely days!

I explained to the man that we've been managing cancer treatments for several years, and we are enjoying each day, one day at a time. He asked about surgery, and I said that it didn't successfully get all of the cancerous cells.  He wished us a good day, and our respective meals came. While we were still eating, I saw him wave to me, again, his meal finished, and off he went with his buddy.

A short time thereafter, our server came over with some news. THE GENTLEMAN BOUGHT US OUR LUNCH! We all wept with joy. Several servers came over and we all had tears in our eyes. Too many humans gone wrong hit the news. This man gave us such a grand gift, such a sweet gesture!

From our May visit!

Off we went to see the falls. The gentleman and his dog were sitting by the water, too. I was still so moved, that I didn't snap a photo of beloved Spencer. We thanked him, again, profusely!

There is excellent signage around this renovated park.

We tootled around town, exploring the old buildings!