Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Trip to Ottawa Hospital

Back we went for follow-up tests. As we waited, our urologist/surgeon was delayed an hour and a half due to an emergency surgery, I wandered to the window. You can see someone standing on a bench, in the rain. It was a bit weird.

The doctor believes we need to have another CT Scan and another Bone Scan done this fall.
 It was quite the drive.

As we left the hospital, there was a major driving incident between two cars: one with the back smunched in, the other with the front smunched in, neither driveable. Good thing they were near Ottawa Hospital!

While preparing for a photo, hubby managed to grab photos of the black swans. On the way home I made hubby grab a photo of the ghost bike at the Bank St. Bridge. There are flower pots around it, too. A bit ghastly for me. I think we should remember the days they lived, and where they lived well, not where they died. In addition, it's a major in-your-face confrontation with our own grief and bereavement issues, while driving to and from appointments for cancer treatments, which isn't the best place for this.

My readers are right:

The dangers of cycling on Bronson Ave ... - CitizenCycle

cycle.ottawacitizen.com › News

Oct 22, 2012 - By Matthew Pearson And David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen ... Police sayKrista Johnson, 27, died Thursday night when the bicycle she was riding ... In her honour, there is now a ghost bike locked to a light standard near the .
A ghost bike roadside memorial sits at the corner of Bank Street and Riverside Drive, where a 56-year-old cyclist was killed on July 30 in a collision with a cement truck.

Kingston Fair – a chilly day

Videos from the Kingston Fair

A couple of videos.
We went to the Kingston Fair, to watch hubby's favourite things: the horses.

Stubborn horse from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
This young lady was awfully brave. Her Stubborn horse refused one jump during warm-ups. Then he began refusing all of the jumps. She came back and made it around the course, all except for the one jump he didn't like.

Canadian Crasher from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
This is hilarious, sort of. Canadian Crashers take fairgoers out on this beast.
Kingston Fair rides from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
The Kingston Fair rides: here are two. The first was pretty simple. Once up and then down. Off you get. The second went back and forth. We refrained!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Elmwood Cemetery – Perth, Ontario

A cemetery is a peaceful place
On the way home from my client's house, I popped into a near-by Cemetery. I was looking for the names of the people who built our house around 1986 (Mr. & Mrs. Love). They weren't there. The 2nd owner is in the cemetery in Perth. The previous owners (3rd) moved back to the UK to care for ailing parents. We are the 4th.

I've lived in newer and older homes. Our Toronto house was very old, over 150 years at the time, that was the one where I grew up. Our current one is an interesting bungalow.

I heard a story that the second owner (Mr. Lehmann) accidentally shot himself, whilst cleaning his gun. He is buried in the Perth cemetery.
Second owners of our house.
Anna lives in town.
I went into Perth and went into the Cemetery there. I found out, through ancestry.ca, where Mr. Lehmann was buried. I realized that while I was tracking hubby's family, I could search for anyone there. I knew the approximate date of his death, when the house changed hands, and found out more!

Perth's Elmwood Cemetery is very old, since the town was established in 1816. You can search for a particular marker, out of the 9797 plots. It's amazing what people are recording.
I found Mr. Lehmann's marker easily.

We used to visit Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto. I remember taking Caitlin when she was wee, < 2 years old, and telling off a kid who was chasing the peacocks.
We regularly check out hubby's markers in Chesterville, just to make sure they are in good repair. The cemetery in Delta is amazing, too. We visited Chaffeys Lock cemetery in summer. We ought to go visit Mom and Dad's plots in Torrance sometime, perhaps in spring.