Tuesday, 17 October 2017

We had a wind storm!

Our Ontario Hydro posts outages. This was after the Sunday storm.

As I wrote this (Monday, 2:30 p.m.), Ontario Hydro reported:
Toronto was hit pretty hard.
We didn't have much damage. Easily tidied. It was a nice vase, though! The fish gravel has some glass in it. Dang. It was supposed to anchor it all. I should have known.

Before: the sumac are barely hanging in. The drought of 2012 nearly did them in. Also the previous owners used to cut the field beside it.

After: timber!
I cut it apart, as it was too heavy to lift, and chucked it onto the grasses behind it.

You can see the odd tree down. My rainbow wind sock konked over.

The forest didn't do so badly. The forest has integrity, thick and deep, and only a few went over. Mostly it was the dead elms.

This was during. I just loved the skies.
windy weather from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Highway incidents

Poor fawn lay there for a few minutes

Saturday, 1 p.m.

The driver saw the doe, honked, and didn't bother slowing down. Sadly, it was being followed by her young fawn. I heard the honk, and went out to the highway. Deer often come in twos or threes. The fawn was clipped and went head over heels into the ditch.

A woman and her daughter stopped,  were looking in the ditch, and phoned the OPP. It looked as if it was dying, it was twitching. She asked if an OPP member could come and dispatch it. This happens frequently on this curve of the road, which connects the habitats. We've lost a lot of critters on this curve.

Sadly, there was a big car incident on Wolfe Grove Rd., and it would be a while until they could send a car. The incident occurred two hours ago, and it took three hours to clear it.

During this time frame, the fawn came to.
I hope he will be OK. It's a male, and just lost it's spots on its back. He lay there a few minutes, then got up.

It looks like he has a broken leg. We'll see if he survives.

I followed him back into the forest a bit, but couldn't see him at all. It's a lovely forest and wetland.

This is a familiar pair on the trailcam.
Deer Sept. 24 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Deer Oct. from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Autumn chores

It was time. The goldfish are in. I had to drain the danged goldfish pond, as usual. We had 9 all last winter. I lost one in July. Then, I was hunting for 8 of them. Suddenly, I remembered I'd lost another last week. Sigh. Don't tell the kids. The pond, which I dug myself, isn't deep enough for our frigid winters.

How odd to see the petunias blooming now! Two roses and the dahlia.

The bird feeders are out.

Can you see the plane? Just a lovely day.

In town, they are flushing the hydrants.

Trouble in Perth!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Recent videos: milkweed, Hermit thrush


I recently participated in the Milkweed Watch citizen science site, by reporting milkweed sightings. We've had so many little trips, I'd seen a lot. I don't think I need convince anyone why we need to watch for them. Happily, we have thousands of plants here, and many more in fields and ditches nearby. I think they must be more scarce in other parts of our province, and Canada and in the US, but we had a ton of Monarchs this year! The migration map is interesting.

Hermit Thrush

These are so difficult to photograph! I guess that's why they call them Hermit Thrush! We have a healthy population in our forest, these are from 2013, and 2012, respectively.
You can see why they are difficult to pin down, they just bop all over the place! This is down the hill, across the meadow and into the forest, just before the wetland. They are adorable, and will soon leave. For now, the insects are plentiful. They look for bugs in the leaves.
Perfect camouflage, too!
Mostly, you can hear a ticked off red squirrel in the forest. It chose not to sing.
"The Hermit Thrush’s beautiful, haunting song begins with a sustained whistle and ends with softer, echo-like tones, described as oh, holy holy, ah, purity purity eeh, sweetly sweetly. "
Hermit thrush from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Friday, 13 October 2017

We went to Opinicon!

This 80+-year-old resort
Yes, after a few errands, off we went. I'm feeling some better, not so grumpy.

This is an old resort, In Chaffey's Locks, bought up by a couple with much energy and talent. Fiona McKean and Tobias L├╝tke bought it at auction in 2015.

It was Chaffey's residence in the early days, in the 1870s. Next, a boarding house in the 1890s, and a luxury men's fishing club in 1900s. They had personal barbers, and a private golf course.
It was purchased by W.E. Phillips in 1921 and reopened as The Opinicon Club. Up for sale in 2012, we had driven by many times.

It's been spruced up and modernized. Only open until the end of October, and they are working on a new pool! We had a wonderful lunch. Such a beautiful spot, even in Autumn!


A wonderful venue, featuring modern art. A couple of pieces are by an acquaintance, Andrew King!

A senior's groups was visiting for lunch! All of the accommodations are cottages. They even have several spots for electric cars to recharge.

The drive home was lovely, as well.