Friday, 30 September 2016

Book Review: The Matriarch

What a creepy story!
As the back cover says:

A Pasture. A Fig Tree. An Earthquake...and Murders. 

I loved it.

With such fantastic horror stories you must suspend belief, if it is a well-told tale. I have yet to embrace zombies and vampires. This was really well-written. I thought it a great story, rich in details.

I glanced at the author on the back cover and thought, what an horrific tale she tells! She looks as sweet as my late mother! Her bio on Amazon says she is 82-years-old.

Well, it's a tale! Turns out it's novel #2 for her.

It as great. We old farts have to surprise the young 'uns! It's a darn good read.

The Matriarch (Fiction / Suspense Thriller)

Returning after a recent earthquake to the small town and the southern California ranch on which he grew up, Cassidy Murphy figures it will be a two-week sojourn at most, and then he'll move on. But as wives and daughters begin to savagely murder husbands and fathers for no apparent reason--Cassidy gets caught up in figuring out why.

Sharon Hawes

Biography: Sharon Hawes

Hawes writes: I think being scared (safely that is!) is something a lot of people enjoy. In a way, it's like taking a literary roller coaster ride.

My fascination with conflict (the more horrific the better), has led me to focus on the thriller and horror genres. While on a road trip by myself and at night in my motel I began reading "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" by Jack Finny. People often comment on a book by saying, 'I couldn't put this book down!' I read this novel all the way through, finishing it at 5:00 AM. I literally couldn't put it down.

"The Sitter" is my premier suspense thriller. I received a finalist award from San Diego Book Awards.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

#2b Tupper Lake Trip; outdoor trails

#1 Tupper Lake Trip

#2a The Wild Center (indoors)

#2b The Wild Center Wild Walk (outdoors)

It was an epic weekend in the USA! 
On Saturday, after we had some lunch, we went outdoors to the outdoor adventure park.
It's called the Wild walk!

The Eagle's Nest 

Just an amazing structure!

This is the view from the Eagle's Nest!

On Sunday, we went back and did the walkabout down to the River Walk. The girls loved the rocks.
Erratics take their name from the Latin word errare, and these rocks are carried by glacial ice, often over distances of hundreds of kilometres. There are lots of information pieces along the way. I forget the type of rock.

Photo bomb! 

This lively group asked Caitlin to take their group photo. Caitlin obliged (JL had done the same thing for a couple on the spider web trampoline. ) She took their camera and took a position, while I ran in for a photo bomb! Caitlin mournfully called out, "MOM!" when she saw me there, but they all laughed and said, "No, stay!" The young man said, 'Good one!"and we high fived. The man in the hat, opposite me in the photo, shook my hand. It was really fun.
Isn't it fun when you can embarrass your kids?!

We left JL and the grandies, to go back and play on the spider web trampoline. We thought we'd revisit the center and walk about the property.
Here was our walk about the building. A lovely bridge. The pond floats right up to the window ledge in the center. The cement walkways have foliage prints in it. The fencing is made of individual branches.

Osprey nest!