Sunday, 17 December 2017

Bird count day – December 16th

These are the usual culprits: chickadee, white and rose-breasted nuthatch, goldfinch (winter colours), blue jays, male cardinal, female pileated woodpecker, chipping sparrow.

  • mourning dove 8
  • downy woodpecker 3
  • hairy woodpecker 2
  • pileated woodpecker 1
  • black-capped chickadee 6
  • red-breasted nuthatch 2
  • white-breasted nuthatch 2
  • dark-eyed junco 3
  • northern cardinal 1
  • american goldfinch 6
  • chipping sparrow 2
  • blue jay 6

This is a perfect illustration: the downy woodpecker's beak is small, the hairy's beak is much larger, in proportion to its head.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

It's bird count day!

Today is the bird count at our feeders in our region. At first light, I was ready. I reviewed some photos from last year. The feeder was fairly easy to access, for all the critters!
The feeders are right beside the house, I doubt I'll see any rare birds. It's easy viewing, from my easy chair.

We'll see what else I see today!
bird count day from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Cats and kindness

Interesting times in our household. Freezing cold temperatures outside. It was sunny yesterday, but today the clouds are rolling in.

Daisy, however, ventured out yesterday, on the front porch in the sunshine. She was bird watching. Good to keep them gainfully unemployed!

Indoors, things are pretty good. They are working out the new hierarchy. Three cats in the foyer. Annabelle and Hooper are pretty comfortable, standing up for themselves around the food dish. Hooper is on recovery food, as he still has his cold and sneezles. Annabelle is on diet food! Daisy not so much. Hooper is so unpredictable, roaring up and down the hall to play. She is being cautious. Note the tail wagging!

In the meantime, Daisy was warming up on top of the fish tank light (which is warm), and Hooper was fascinated with the goldfish. I caught him doing 'bear.'

Hooper from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Hubby went for a drive, to make some deliveries and pick up some groceries.
He dropped off chocolates for the people at our dentist, and doctor,  mailed parcel to Vancouver, picked up a parcel, filled the car with gas, bought chocolates for the vet, and the ER at the hospital (which he drops off on Christmas Eve). He wore his special hat!

I visited my client for three hours yesterday. When I arrived home, I was told to look on my placemat.

New kitty, Hooper (5 weeks awaiting adoption), had ordered in some wine and chocolates to thank me for taking him in. All JB did, he tells me, is pay the taxi driver!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Daniel Dale and Donald Trump

Many Canadians speak out
Many of us are wondering why and how someone like Trump could have been elected. I hope the backlash has begun, that complacency has been set aside when the Republicans lost Alabama. It's a curiosity for many who have dignity, values, and respect for humanity. Thing is, racism is a deep and prevailing issue on this continent.
I listen to podcasts, when I cannot sleep. This one was interesting. In a nutshell, some who voted for Trump, who believe in the right to bear arms, who want jobs (who think Trump will reverse the outsourcing overseas of work), believe everything supporters write and post. They are happy to similarly post and retweet lies and misinformation to prove their case. Not only that, but they are happy to post lies, as it makes the other side angry. Seriously!

This video was old, and did not represent
what it was purported to represent.

The podcast

Ep. 204 - Daniel Dale by CANADALAND
An excellent journalist, Toronto Star's Daniel Dale was interviewed about his coverage of Washington. (He previously covered Rob and Doug Ford in Toronto. He has cred!) He's been talking to people in Washington, including Trump supporters. It's true that one's social media contacts are usually people with whom one agrees. I've been deliberately following a Trump supporter on Twitter, who is a pet lover. I am amazed at the crazy pieces she retweets. It's been fascinating what people will post. I told her about Snopes, and she has been checking it.

social media contacts are usually
people with whom one agrees
Dale was blocked by Trump,
this, he thinks, is why!
According to Dale, one Trump supporter said, "CNN doesn't cover Trump. They failed to report on the Trump assassination attempt about a month before the election." 

Says Dale, there was no assassination attempt. The supporter was dubious. "OH, OK."
People believe what they want to believe.

How do we collectively establish a level of trust between Trump supporters and THE MEDIA?
Interviewer, Jesse Wente at CANADALAND, suggests Trump is like the Uncle at the family dinner who is blustery, and not to be believed. He is "blustery, evocative, exaggerates, compelling and natural." This is Trump. I like this imagery. 

All politicians lie, many believe. When Trump lied about Obama tapping Trump Tower, did people believe it? Many did. When Trump questioned Obama's birthright, many believed him. Outright lies.

Dale went to Ohio. Trump supporters know they are reposting lies. They love the lies because "it makes Liberals' heads explode." It's getting to the elites and freaking The Media out, as well as Washington and bureaucrats. It angers the people who anger them. Fair game, they say.
Trump and his crew are "making assaults on science, truth, and enacting a political nihilism," Dale tells us.

Some of the tweets...
People are fighting for jobs,
factory work no longer pays these wages.

Not a good businessman

Result of the exit polls of the Alabama election,
Dec. 13th.

Then there *is* Fake News

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

♪♫♬ Let it snow, let it snow!

We've been having a grad start to the winter season. Our female pileated woodpecker.
And snow.
We were up at pre-dawn, hubby and I cleared it all off. It's one of those all-night, all-day snows that as soon as you finish shoveling, you have to start again. At our age, with out backs, we find it easier to get some of it off, rather than wait until it stops.
Early in the morning!
Hubby did the driveway,
I did the walks and the deck.
The poor feeders were buried. I dug them out. The birds flocked to the feeder! The female pileated woodpecker, 'dratted red squirrel', chipping sparrow, male cardinal.
It's the great bird count this Saturday.

In the meantime, happy Hank Jr., I am calling Hooper. This is JB's nickname for a cat who wanders in the room before he can think of their name. He'll be right 1/3 times!

Before I forget, I went down to the dock on Monday and found some raccoon tracks. They are long buried in 15 cm of snow. The critters are settling in for winter. The deer tracks in the snow are a sight to behold.