Monday, 30 May 2016

An Owl and a Bear...

I had another post all prepared, but after dinner we sat on the back deck. No bugs!
We are desperate for rain.

It was a hot, hot day. Momma owl was out today, in the heat, panting. I didn't have time for the videocamera!) Her beak was open, and I felt for her. Poor girl. Again, she looks into the nest, where chick was complaining, and hopped back in. It is more difficult to photograph
1) the mosquitoes are awful in the wetland
2) the leaves are out!


You know, you're enjoying the hamburger you just cooked and devoured.  Momma owl was hooting from on the tree.  Life is good, then Annabelle started to growl...
I'm glad I stopped feeding birds, as there is no seed in the feeder. We were sitting on the deck, as I said, and these photos I shot through the tempered glass. At this point, I stood up and yelled at him (it was clearly a male), and he sauntered off beside the 'bear crossing' sign.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Eastern Ontario Bluegrass Festival 2016

Hubby suggested we go. It was on Lombardy Fairgrounds, on the Victoria Day long weekend. By Sunday afternoon I was so tired, stiff  and creaky from gardening, I thought a break would be good.  It was a grand party, on a hot weekend and it was good to be indoors for a piece. The music is fun. You can go to their web pages and hear it, if you are so inclined. I don't know how that works for copyright laws, but they are on their own!
Do you understand it?!
I giggled.

We wandered about, and found a band member practising his fiddle (above).

 I spotted him later and his t-shirt said:

We grabbed a snack there, and sat at the back. It was good to be able to get up and stand, then sit, as I find it hard to stay in one place. 

Maple Hill Bluegrass

County Road 44

CR5 Bluegrass

Christine and Dan are the organizers. They had 17 bands, on a three-day schedule.

The baby was nine days old! These two are not.

Last band of the weekend, The Dusty Drifters

People camped all weekend.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Lilac season is so short!

Our daughter was married on May 28th, and she wanted lilacs at the wedding. The florist couldn't promise them, so since me and my brother were in charge of decorating the reception hall, we ran around Nepean looking for neighbours with lilacs. We put them on the tables as table centres, and I was so pleased.

Caitlin's wedding, May 2005, was the last time my mom ever traveled, and my brother drove her from Bala to Ottawa for the trip. She died in 2006. It was difficult, as she'd been in treatment for cancer for several years. She was weak, but did her best. She waited at our house while we did our decorating. Caitlin's father-in-law was in charge of beverages. Her mother-in-law in charge of decorating the church. Her father and step-mom managed the cake, and all those details.

Here are this year's lilacs, in celebration! First, the hummingbird moth, then a big bumblebee. The Swallowtail butterfly is most impressive, however.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Boating incidents & Safe, Quiet Lakes

These incidents are so preventable. Education, awareness and respect for humanity.  I suppose I 'preach to the choir' Neighbourly Cottage Visitors -Dos of cottage life/boating, yet the message must get out there. We must educate our 'adult' children.

One cannot help but think that these are unnecessary and a terrible drain on emergency crews time and energy, as well as taxpayers dollars. These watercraft are going too quickly, and there is no need for this kind of speed, which kills.

Of course,  while the incidents do not always involve death, they do involve injuries and fines.

Story image for jet ski from Net Newsledger
Net Newsledger

Jet-Ski and Sea-Doo collide in Georgian Bay 25, 2016
GEORGIAN BAY – A Jet-Ski and a Sea-Doo collided on the long weekend and it resulted in charges for both operators.

Boating deaths in Ontario up compared to 2015

Police urge safety on Ontario waterways amid increase in boating deaths. (Is it any wonder?)
  • There have been 8 separate incidents so far in 2016.
  • By this point in 2015, there were only 2 incidents.
  • Ages: 7 out of 8 victims were ages 21 - 28.
  • None were wearing a flotation device.
  • Alcohol was involved in 5/6 incidents.
  • Most of these incidents involved canoes or kayaks.
  • Two incidents involved an overloaded outboard boat that swamped.
  • One incident: a PWC in which the operator fell off.
The child in red/pink on the boat, was on the gunnel beside the kids with the life jacket, just before I snapped this photo. 
It's illegal for the child to drive a personal watercraft (PWC), and against marine laws to have them sitting in front.

I'm glad my kids weren't out there!

These were new owners of a cottage.
Intent on using the lake as a Nascar track.
He's too young to drive,
at the time he was often on the jetski alone.
I phoned the OPP marine division,
they made a visit,
and they were given fines.


Annual Safe Quiet Lakes campaign gets underway on Victoria Day weekend May 20, 2016 – Regional advocacy group Safe Quiet Lakes is launching its annual awareness and safety campaign in cooperation and with support from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

In addition to critical reminders about respect, safety and the risks on the water, the campaign is also highlighting the growing issue of excessive noise created by some powerboats, including those that boaters can choose to operate with their muffler system disengaged.

This guy drove around doing donuts until the kid in the back fell off.

Then there is the amount of traffic on a small lake, as well as the speed of the machines.

Do you know who has the right-of-way?