Tuesday, 3 May 2016

NaPoWriMo Day 25 –poetic prompt

Day 25

Rage, rage against the dying of the light
Experience the journey – simply not a fight
May 31, 2011
Refracting rainbow's colours arrange
Each person a prism life souls exchange
Challenge us, prompt us, lead us to life
Our soul's point of view cuts like a knife
There are schisms between us unembraced
Decades pass still they're unerased
Is it the destination that really truly matters
Or the journey along as friend and foe scatters?
Embrace all you endure for they are only lessons
'Tis true I can share all my old confessions
We must keep moving forward despite aches and pains
As wisdom accrues like flying paper planes


I've always fought against this poem by Dylan Thomas, despite enjoying it!

Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Serendipity in the outdoors

I wanted to see who was down at the frog pond. Monday, I managed to capture a photo of Mac Muskrat. Suddenly, I saw something across the pond. I think he has a girlfriend! He left the spot where he was eating, swam over to her, and there was a bit of a confrontation, and a huge splash!

I was doing a circuit, and walked back up to the backyard forest to try to look for the owl and/or their nest. I thought I could see a face in the hole in the dead tree. I'm still not sure!

The flowers have been lovely in the forest. White trillium are nearly ready to burst, the red trillium are out, and columbine. Do you know how hard it is to walk, looking at the ground trying not to step on the flowers, but watching the trees for the birds?!

Back up on the hill, there was something in the tree. A porcupine having a nap. They are nocturnal. I didn't know if it was the owl, at first, just a dark shape in the sky. The tail gave it away. There is a den across the street. There are quite a few, many become road kill since they cross the highway slowly in the dark. The latter is an archival photo.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Frog pond tales

The frog pond is so much fun in the sun! Hubby and Annabelle prefer watching curling on the big chair.

bullfrog tadpoles in the sun from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

NaPoWriMo Day 29 – I remember

I remember teaching poetry using this prompt!
I remember the excitement, preparing curriculum.
I remember challenging the kids to put thoughts to paper.
I remember parsing words to be succinct.
I remember being gainfully employed.

Teaching writing #1

Natalie Goldberg has written some wonderful book about writing. She uses this prompt.

* If you need more help in learning about writing poems, or any other genres, read Natalie Goldberg's work. She teaches well. These three I would recommend. Her latest is a reprise of her original ideas, but any one will set you on your way. The last one: Thunder and Lightning, pairs poems with drawings. This, too, engages the artist as well as the writer!
Product Details Product Details

NaPoWriMo Day 30 – limericks

I wanted to try a limerick.  I found two!

It seems a senior spectacular
Who spoke in the Valley vernacular
He went to the surgeon
Who's no vestal virgin
But a specialist in surgery macular.

There once was a cat quite capricious
Moving here was quite auspicious
She's settled in fine
She could always dine
On regular food quite nutritious.

Hubby's eye is improving. Our eye surgeon is doing quite well for himself.

Annabelle loves to sit with JB. Every time we move, she runs to the kitchen for food. She doesn't like to be petted at certain times. Suddenly growling when we err!

Festival of the Maples 2016

April 30th Festival featuring all things maple! It was a banner year for sap, they tell us. Our local producers, Oliver's Mapleworks, say they filled their vat three times on three different days (~2300 gallons), and had to quit, as they were worn out! This only happens once a season, in a good year! Tressa was interviewed on Lake 88 to celebrate the festival. They have some fun competitions, which help with the cause and educating new producers.

Quite a variety of booths, and lots to sample, buy or eat on the spot.

Hubby took a wrap with him, and they put the sausage in it for him. He can't have dairy, yeast or eggs and it's tricky to eat out some days. He wore his big sunglasses to protect his bruised eye, which is healing, thanks to all who commented!

Lots of groups out fundraising, as well as celebrating their ventures. Algonquin College has a great heritage masonry program!

I quite liked this swing seat! The taffy fun. The stuffed Dalmatian is amazing!

Smiths Falls Gordon Pipe Band, though it was hard to get a photo as everyone was in front trying to snap a shot! It's quite a lineup of events. We arrived early, 9:30, to get parking and avoid some of the crowds.

They always have the car show on Wilson St.

Our neighbour, David Oliver setting up! He's a hard working man, as well as his wife (who volunteers non-stop in town), his cousins who help them run Oliver's Mapleworks.

So, this is a hoot. I was trying to take a photo of the crowds. (See the first photo.) I looked up at the man beside me, about 6'5", I think!
I said, "It's easy for you!"
He said, "Here, give me your camera!" (His photo is the second one. I held his camera while he held mine!)
I had hubby take a photo of us, I'm 5'4"!

They were providing tours of the Studio Theatre, which runs a great season. Volunteers were dressed is snazzy hats for the promo!

The usual petting zoo

This guy sure was prepared with both camera and videocam on a tripod. I think he was just a tourist!

The OPP were there, and the kids could try the siren!

And, of course, the Tay at Stewart Park. The map, published by Lake 88, shows the streets that were closed for the event. So nice walking and not worrying about traffic!