Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Time for change

This is spring, and time for change.
It's time to put away the bird feeders out front. I replaced them with some hanging thingies! You can see why.

Then, there are the spring flowers. Crocus, Lenten Lily, Daffodils! The tree buds are amazing, too. It's as if each branch is painted every day, and they just get larger and larger.

Tigger's antler buds are beginning to grow, as well.

Things are beginning to green up. Then, I spotted a tree with a heart.

And, of course, construction season is well on its way!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Trailcam tales

trailcam spring tales from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I put up the trailcam, to see if the red squirrel used her new nest. Instead, I had many visitors over the 24 hours.

First, me on the tractor!
Poor Maggie with her dislocated knee.
Looks like flying squirrels at 26 seconds (upper right).
Another deer, but a flying squirrel right across the screen. (I posted it twice, slowed it down the second time!)
Then, our red fox.
Finally, a buck.

Life Ain't So Good

No, not me! My knee is nearly good, my foot, not-so-much, but compared to many I know I am privileged.

There isn't much on TV for the likes of us, so we purchase DVDs, and watch to our hearts content. Until Friday night. The wine was poured, the DVD synched up.  The $90 machine kept pooching out. Lovely sparklies, then it'd turn itself off. Over and over again.

Monday we got down to business.

Hubby spent an hour looking for the receipt. Couldn't find it, but he found the VISA bill.
He took the $90 DVD player back to the dealer, The Source. They gave him a reprint of his bill, and an 800 number to phone for LG Electronics.

No exchange or return.

JB phoned the LG Canadian number at 9:15. They said they'd call us back in a couple of minutes. Off he went, 3/4 hour later, as he had a doctor's appointment. Still no phone call. I decided to go online.
Live chat. Sure.


Online chat went like this (note the ridiculous time stamp):
April has joined
11:01:50 AMApril
Hello Jennifer Jilks, how can I help you today?
11:02:06 AMJennifer Jilks
My DVD has died.
11:02:29 AMApril
Oh Im sorry about what happened Jennifer
11:02:38 AMApril
Let me see
11:02:43 AMJennifer Jilks
It won't work, bought in Sept., 2016
11:02:50 AMApril
*let me see what we can do for you
11:03:21 AMApril
I see , may I have the model number? and serial as well?
11:03:44 AMJennifer Jilks
11:04:03 AMJennifer Jilks
11:04:26 AMApril
Alright then thank you
11:04:58 AMApril
Just so I may ask , have you tried some troubleshooting steps you tried?
11:05:25 AMJennifer Jilks
WE TRIED A DIFFERENT DVD, that worked in another machine. Didn't work.
11:05:34 AMJennifer Jilks
We tried unplugging and plugging it in.
11:05:43 AMJennifer Jilks
It shuts itself off after some static.
11:06:03 AMJennifer Jilks
Skips sections of the movie.
11:06:42 AMApril
I see, but in any cases were you able to try pulling up the settings of the dvd?
11:07:12 AMJennifer Jilks
Yes, we would go back to settings, beginning again and it refused to keep working.

At one point, I began playing solitaire to while the time away. I played Russian Solitaire. And kept losing...

11:13:25 AMJennifer Jilks
11:14:24 AMApril
Im sorry about that Jennifer,
11:14:34 AMApril
My system relaunched
11:15:04 AMApril
Anyhow, in regards of the dvd, were you to have a chance to reset it to initial reset?
11:17:42 AMJennifer Jilks
How do I do that?
11:17:56 AMApril
Here, do you have the LG lremote?
11:18:00 AMApril
11:18:09 AMJennifer Jilks
The machine is unplugged, it is in its box.
11:18:31 AMApril
Hmm because we can only reset it if it is turned on
11:18:42 AMJennifer Jilks
11:19:38 AMApril
If you have the LG DVD remote check if you have home button
11:24:03 AMJennifer Jilks
IT's still not happy. I plugged it in,
11:24:32 AMApril
Does it display anything on the screen?
11:25:03 AMJennifer Jilks
11:25:28 AMApril
Im sorry about that, in this case for me to sum it up
11:26:02 AMApril
You have tried replugging it and tried plugging the dvd in a different tv right?
11:27:24 AMJennifer Jilks
OK. I have a bad knee, it's hard getting up and down from the TV!
11:27:29 AMJennifer Jilks
I have the setting menu
11:29:16 AMApril
Please go to the setup
11:29:21 AMApril
Or setting
11:29:22 AMJennifer Jilks
11:29:37 AMApril
And then check if you have "Others" option
11:29:42 AMJennifer Jilks
11:29:57 AMApril
Alright then do you have "Software"?
11:30:02 AMJennifer Jilks
11:30:20 AMJennifer Jilks
But it's crackling again
11:30:40 AMApril
Oh, would you be able to proceed?
11:30:49 AMJennifer Jilks
so far
11:31:39 AMApril
Ok , if you can continue, choose "Software" and then go to update and check if there's update needed.
11:32:50 AMJennifer Jilks
"no update found"
11:34:50 AMApril
Alright try go to Initialize
11:35:00 AMJennifer Jilks
11:35:23 AMJennifer Jilks
reset it?
11:36:51 AMJennifer Jilks
Nope, still crackling and turning off and on
11:37:50 AMApril
Oh , I see then. hod on let me see what else we can do
11:37:50 AMJennifer Jilks
it's going green, then sparkly
11:38:13 AMJennifer Jilks
flinging it against the wall would make me happy right now...
11:38:40 AMJennifer Jilks
But I'm an old, grouchy retiree!
11:39:16 AMJennifer Jilks
green and crackling, still
11:41:23 AMApril
Im sorry about this Jennifer
11:41:29 AMApril
Hold let me check it here
11:45:09 AMApril
My apologies Jennifer but if still not able to have it working thru the reset, that would be the issue of the unit already
11:45:42 AMJennifer Jilks
And now what?
11:46:28 AMApril
The dvd ? Is it under a year?
11:46:39 AMJennifer Jilks
Yes, Sept. 2016
11:47:16 AMApril
Ok, hold on
11:47:24 AMJennifer Jilks
I am!
11:47:34 AMJennifer Jilks
You are my only hope.
11:48:09 AMApril
Alright thank you
11:58:46 AMApril
Hi Jennifer
11:58:53 AMApril
Sorry about that
11:58:55 AMJennifer Jilks
12:00:23 PMApril
As per checking here in our end, the model number that you have is a NON-ECO unit meaning to say if the trouble shooting steps doesn't work then that would be for repair but then it is expensive more than having a new one
12:00:38 PMJennifer Jilks
12:06:05 PMApril
But in this case as the unit is under warranyt
12:06:54 PMApril
We advise then for you to get back to the store where you bought it and then check if they can do replacement, but if they cannot assist then you have to get back to us
12:07:14 PMJennifer Jilks
We already did that and they said to talk to you.
12:08:12 PMApril
Alright in this case we need to have the BOS be sent to us so we can submit it for further review
12:08:36 PMJennifer Jilks
What is the BOS?
12:08:59 PMApril
Oh sorry about the , that means bill of sale or receipt of the unit
12:09:21 PMJennifer Jilks
I have the receipt right here.
12:10:11 PMApril
12:10:23 PMApril
Let just set up my end here holdon
12:11:53 PMApril
May I have a phone number?
12:12:06 PMJennifer Jilks
12:12:22 PMApril
Thank you
12:13:58 PMApril
And im chatting with Jennifer Jilks right?
12:14:02 PMJennifer Jilks
12:14:29 PMApril
And postal code?
12:14:36 PMJennifer Jilks
K7H 3C7
12:15:28 PMApril
Thank you
12:15:54 PMApril
What would be the name of your street?
12:16:07 PMJennifer Jilks
12:16:49 PMApril
Alright , hold on
12:18:38 PMApril
Any apartment or unit number?
12:18:43 PMJennifer Jilks
12:19:26 PMApril
Ok and do you have an email address?
12:19:34 PMJennifer Jilks
12:19:46 PMApril
Alright thank you
12:20:29 PMApril
Here , I would be sending the link where you can send the receipt ok?
12:20:36 PMJennifer Jilks
12:20:37 PMApril
that is where you will upload it
12:22:25 PMApril
Ok just for me to confirm the unit died?
12:23:51 PMApril
Hello Jennifere?
12:23:55 PMApril
12:24:19 PMJennifer Jilks
Yes, it did.
12:24:24 PMApril
Here' the reference number that you would use upon uploading the receipt
12:24:26 PMJennifer Jilks
I was scanning the recipt on the other computer
12:24:26 PMApril
Email arrived...
I uploaded the scan of the receipt!

12:24:35 PMJennifer Jilks
12:27:00 PMApril
Alright then, once you think that we have received it please do call us back at 1-888-542-2623 alright?
12:27:49 PMJennifer Jilks
Call you back?
12:28:24 PMApril
Yes please so that we can send this case fpr you to internal dept.
12:28:30 PMJennifer Jilks
It is uploaded
12:28:45 PMApril
Alright hold on
12:34:25 PMApril
So this is from the source right?
12:34:29 PMJennifer Jilks
Alright then , so just a heads up this will be submitted for review maximum is for 7-10 business day
12:35:43 PMApril
12:36:10 PMApril
Within that span you would receive an update if not then please do give us a call back
12:36:16 PMJennifer Jilks
I have to wait for what?
12:37:26 PMApril
The decision if you we would exchange it for you or other option
12:38:07 PMJennifer Jilks
That is utterly ridiculous!

My apologies Jennifer, but if the dealer could not assist you this is what we can at least do for you, so that we can provider other options for the unit as per unit is under warranty as well.

And now we wait 7 - 10 days for a response. At this point, I went outside to play.
Hubby went back to The Source store, and they said, again, there is nothing they can do, according to their agreement with LG. This means, then, they should stop stocking their products.